• Floor Mounted Stainless Steel Pass Thru Cabinet - 18F
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Floor mounted pass through cabinets (also known as cart pass thrus) make it easy to move equipment in and out of your cleanroom, pharmaceutical, or controlled environment area without contaminating your workspace. Floor mounted pass throughs allow you to reduce the amount of traffic in your cleanroom by simply rolling materials or equipment on a cart through your pass through into the room.


All floor mounted pass thru cabinets are constructed with a welded stainless steel shell. Unlike pass throughs containing particle board, the all metal construction of these pass throughs is strong and durable enough to stand up to the accidental bumps from carts and equipment as they are transferred. Stainless steel pass throughs also resist the cracks, chips and bacteria promoting delaminating typical of laminated formica. Instead, the stainless steel construction makes the pass through strong and easy to clean while providing a superior look for your cleanroom.

A continuous stainless steel hinge attaches the heavy duty stainless steel framed doors. Doors are fitted with tempered safety glass viewing window and seal with closed cell PVC door gasket and a 90 degree turn knob latch.


Additional features include mechanical door interlocks, vertical sliding door(s), cleanroom HEPA filtration and special door materials for your cart pass throughs. Trim kits and wall supports can be provided to assist with installation.

  • Mechanical Interlocks
  • Stainless Steel Trim Kits
  • Door Options
  • Sliding Doors
  • HEPA/ULPA Filters

Additional options

Pass throughs are also offered as a wall mounted window style here.

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