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The E-Series UV Hand Lamps are the most powerful units available of their type. A full range of 29 models offers various combinations of UV wavelength, intensity, size and wattage. Units are compact and lightweight. Lamps feature a silver-anodized aluminum housing.

Lamps can also be used with lamp stand which is aluminum. It is adjustable to any lamp height 3-4. A carrying handle is also available. The lamp may also be used in conjunction with a UV viewing cabinet. The lamps offer easy wavelength interchangeability, making viewing systems ideal for numerous applications where a darkened environment is needed.

E-Series lamps come with either integrally filtered or nonfiltered UV tubes, available with or without a separate filter assembly. Unfiltered UV tubes provide the highest UV intensity while absorbing most white light. All units are UL listed and CSA approved.

Call for a complete listing of light available and specifications.

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